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I’m a counsellor who does things a bit differently. There are many barriers which stop people from accessing mental health care and I try to break down those barriers as much as I can.


I don’t believe in long waiting lists as your mental health is a priority.
I offer a sliding scale and you choose what you can afford to pay.
You are not locked into a certain number of sessions or even the same time/day each week. I work with you as much as possible with your schedule in making appointments.
I offer creative arts therapy in our sessions together. This includes art, music, movement, writing, mindfulness, nature, photography.
I offer outdoor therapy for those who like to be in nature or don’t want to be confined within 4 walls.
Online counselling and phone counselling are available Australia wide to those who prefer this option.
I provide a welcoming and supportive space for women (includes gender/sexually diverse, neurodiverse) who are navigating their way through mental health and emotional health concerns.

This includes:



Complex PTSD



Life transitions


Here your can expect:

your pronouns and identities will be respected.

no racism, transphobia or homophobia

you are welcome to bring with you items that bring you comfort and help you to feel safe.

boundaries will be respected.

your lived experience will be listened to and respected.

You are welcome to make yourself comfortable. That means you can take your shoes off, you may drink (non alcoholic) during your sessions with me.

In my practice I am committed to embracing diversity and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the provision of counselling. I welcome all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choices, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Having my own lived experience of trauma, I bring understanding, compassion and care to our shared counselling space. I have experienced the healing work of the creative arts when I had no voice, facing uncertainty and wanting to move on from the pain of trauma. My hope is that you will experience hope, freedom and healing with the creative arts as we explore moving from surviving to thriving. I bring into the counselling space insight and wisdom from my theraputic experience, training and personal growth in understanding the need for self expression.


  • I am currently studying Advanced Diploma of Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy with Institute of Body Psychotherapy
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Neuroscience (2020)
  • Bachelor of Counselling (2017)
  • Diploma of Nursing (1999)
  • Diploma of Theology (1996)

Extra training qualifications:

  • Level 2 Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy (2020)
  • Certificate Somatic Embodiment Therapy (2021)
  • Certificate Walk and Talk Therapy (2021)
  • Certificate in Creative Interventions (2022)

I am registered with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). Registration No: 24821

I am a Professional Member of Creative Counsellors

I welcome you to our shared space. May this be the supportive, affirming and welcoming space that you need.

The Innerspace acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which our company is located and where we conduct our business. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging. The Innerspace is committed to honouring Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution to society.